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At The Movement Workshop Physiotherapy we utilise hands on manual therapy for injury management. Manual therapy may involve soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, assisted stretching and muscle energy techniques. We also use Dry Needling. This is the placement of fine gauge solid needles, much like acupuncture needles, into trigger points to relieve muscle tightness and pain.


Pain and stiffness are often a result of incorrect movement patterns. Assessing the way you move will help identify the underlying cause of your symptoms and guide your rehabilitation. We will help optimise your movement, address strength deficits and help you improve your flexibility and mobility.


Our physiotherapists have extensive training and experience in how the body moves. We offer individual and 2:1 group classes for Clinical Exercise and Pilates. You will exercise with an individualised program for your needs. Your program will be adapted and progressed to achieve your best movement possible. The focus of your exercise may be rehabilitation, strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Whatever your needs, we will create a program to help.

Our classes utilise both clinical pilates equipment such as reformer, trap table and wunda chair, and traditional exercise equipment such as mats, balls, weights and bands. 


Jessie is an APA Titled Exercise and Sports Physiotherapist, having undergone further qualifications and extensive work with elite sports teams and athletes. She is an expert in diagnosing and managing sporting injuries and ensuring safe return to sport and activity.

Sports Physiotherapy management is appropriate for all patients, whether you are an elite athlete, a casual exerciser or someone who needs to start their exercise journey. Advice and management will be targeted to the individual and help you achieve your goals. 

Sports Physiotherapists work closely with you and the team around you. 


We provide individualised exercise rehabilitation programs for those returning from acute injuries, pre and post operative and postural rehabilitation. Our programs are guided by your lifestyle, your goals and your individual injury profile.

GLA:D Osteoarthritis Program

We are now offering a GLA:D Program for patients with Hip or Knee Osteoarthritis.

The program is based on strong evidence from leading researchers in the field and has shown to have great effects on pain, function and quality of life.

The program consists of a 6-week in-person or online exercise class where patients will learn more about their condition and how to improve symptoms.

We are offering FREE Initial GLA:D Consultations for people with knee or hip osteoarthritis.*

*Offer ends 31st of August 2023.

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