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  • Jessie Mayo

Women's Health Week

Women's Health Week (7-11th September 2020) is a nationwide event that encourages Australian women to make positive, lifelong changes by putting their health and wellness first. Women's Health Week was founded by the non-profit organisation Jean Hailes'. Jean Hailes' founded the first women's health clinic in Australia in 1971, she had the determination to bring the importance of women's health into the spotlight and advocate for better management and awareness.

This year's Women's Health Week has a focus on reminding women that their mental and physical health matter. There has been a sharp decline in regular cervical screenings as well as women seeking medical assistance since COVID-19 has impacted our lives. Delayed or misdiagnoses can have a major effect in treatment availability and outcome of management. Remember, health checks don’t have to stop because of COVID-19. And if you’re in lockdown, medical tests are a permitted reason for leaving your home.

Women's Health Week is also a reminder that women experience specific health problems. Since Jean Hailes' started the first women's health clinic in 1971 we have moved forward in awareness in women specific health problems, however we still have a long way to go to normalise these conversations and experiences. Did you know 1 in 3 women experience urinary incontinence? It is incredibly common, but it is NOT normal.

Women's Health Physiotherapy is a specialised physiotherapy role for pelvic health and pregnancy. Physiotherapy is considered as safe and effective treatment for many pelvic floor dysfunctions and is recommended as the first line of treatment for stress incontinence. Women's Health remains an area that can leave many experiencing issues overwhelmed and distressed. This may cause some to retreat from activities they previously sought joy from.

Women's Health Week is a reminder to start the conversation about Women's Health, to reflect on your own needs and to take action. Education and awareness is one of the first steps. Help this conversation become part of our normal. Educate your daughters so that the next generation will not feel so alone. Women's Health Physiotherapists are amazing, ask your GP or your current health practitioners for a recommendation.

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