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Do you have an onion injury?

Yes, you read that correctly.

We sometimes compare certain injuries to an onion, as there are often many layers which contribute to a person’s condition. As we peel back the layers and treat the impairments, we often see that there are deeper causes for the injury.

The body is very clever in the fact that it adapts to injury and finds alternative movement patterns to complete tasks.

For example, a patient might present with neck pain and stiffness because they are overworking their superficial neck muscles whilst doing crunches at the gym. When assessed further, we might see that their neck muscles might be dominating the movement as their core muscles are insufficient to do the crunching exercise due to a previous pelvic floor issue.

Bear in mind that not every injury is this complicated.

Our job at The Movement Workshop is to assess and treat our clients’ injuries, however, what makes us truly satisfied is figuring out the “WHY” behind the injury. This allows us to help to target the root cause of an injury and prevent future occurrences.

Do you think you have an onion injury or a complex injury that isn’t improving with other treatment?

At The Movement Workshop, we use our knowledge of the entire body to treat and prevent back injuries. We often see second-opinion Physiotherapy injuries for the back, shoulder and other injuries to assist patients in getting a better understanding of their body. Come and get an in-depth assessment at The Movement Workshop in South Melbourne where our experienced Physiotherapists will help to peel back the layers and assist you in achieving your goals.

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